Stephanie Walker, MPA





Growing up in a small neighborhood near UNCW, I became very familiar with Wilmington streets and Wilmington life. Trust me, it was A LOT smaller back then. 

In 1976, I started my first day of Kindergarten at College Park Elementary. I remember sailing the sands on our wooden ship and learning how to braid with pinestraw.


After College Park, I rode my bus to Snipes (5th grade) followed by Tileston (6th grade), before heading to Williston for junior high. Just like every other awkward teen...junior high was definitely something! 


For high school, I spent those following years trying to beat the late bell at Hanover (Go Wildcats!!), sprinting across the catwalk to get to class. Getting my first car finally meant freedom (and off-campus lunch with my friends at Independence Mall).


I was a cheerleader with the Pop Warner football league when I was little, and I played softball for Cape Fear Optimists. I got my swim badge (minnow level!) from the Market Street YMCA, and I was one of those teens who hung out at the mall on the weekends and cruised Johnny Mercer's Pier (when it was still allowed). And, yes, I do remember when College Road was two lanes! 



After high school, I spent some time in the United Kingdom, where I met my loving husband of 25 years, Laurie. Together we had two wonderful children, Aaron and Julia, who we raised in New Hanover County. Both graduated from Laney High School, and I am proud to say, went on to attend North Carolina universities. My son currently attends UNCW pursuing a degree in Spanish, and my daughter is pursuing a Master's degree at Carolina after graduating in May of 2020.

Now, due to current events, we are enjoying some family time together at home, having Netflix marathons and playing board games. I am also enjoying growing my garden and sewing masks for members of our community.

After starting a family, I turned my attention toward pursuing a higher education. I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Political Science from UNCW, before going on to earn a Master's Degree in Public Administration as a Seahawk as well. It was during grad school that I discovered my passion for equity in education. 

During this time, my husband and I also started our own small businesses in landscaping and community management, which have now been running for decades.


As an active citizen, I have been involved in many local positions, which include:

  • Chair, Vereen Memorial Historical Gardens Committee (2017-Current)

  • Secretary, New Hanover County African American History, Heritage, & Culture Commission (2019-Current)

  • Wilmington Sister City Commission (2008-2014)

    • Liaison for the City of Doncaster, England​

    • Co-Drafter for Selection of Sister Cities Guidelines

    • Coordinated Azalea Festival Trolley (2010 & 2011)

    • Secretary for Sister Cities Association of Wilmington

  • Chair, Precinct Harnett 11 (2017-2019)

  • Precinct Judge, Harnett 7 (2007-2008)

  • Intern with New Hanover County Environmental Management

    • Assisted with Grant for Hazardous Household Waste Program​

    • Created Permanent Sign for Tire Recycling Program

    • Conducted Survey for County Recycling Drop-Off Sites

    • Created Flyers for the County Landfill

  • Worked on projects with LINC and The Carousel Center for Graduate School​

As a working mother pursuing a higher education, I did more than work full time. But my passion for education and community activism pushed me forward and inspired me to run for office this term.





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