Our Children. Our Community. Our Future.

Child advocacy is my number one priority. My belief is that no one child is alike, and all children should have access to a quality, public education.

Our parents, teachers, and bus drivers deserve to have their voices heard. I will advocate for them too.

Our community deserves safe, strong schools. 

Why I'm Running

I grew up attending the public schools in New Hanover County, and so did both my children. The three of us had completely different experiences in the school system. Because of these diverse experiences, I understand that no one child is alike, and each requires their own unique support system because they have their own unique challenges. Each child in our county deserves equal access to education resources that will help them achieve to their highest abilities.

I will always focus on these topics through a lens of child advocacy and in support of our public school system:

  • Safe Schools - all children deserve a safe learning environment, free from the threat of predators in a place where they feel safe to come forward and be heard;

  • Preschool/Pre-K Classroom Expansion – there is an overwhelming need (several 100s on the waitlist);

  • Resources for Children with ACEs and Special Needs - including resiliency and bias training for educators and staff, implementing trauma informed instruction in schools, and providing additional resources and support for families;

  • Equity in Education – advocating for racial and socio-economic equity in our school system.

    • I understand the current transportation issues we are facing. Where integration is not yet possible, I advocate the implementation of the ‘Community School’ model, so we can hyper-focus energy and resources to the schools that need help the most.

  • Support for Educators and Staff - including addressing pay issues, engaging educators in the conversation of best learning practices for students, and creating a positive culture, where teachers and staff can voice their concerns;

  • Fixing Our Transportation Issues - including the current disparity in bus driver pay and our bus driver shortage;

  • Revision of the Current School Grading System (which unfairly labels schools as 'failing') - revising or eliminating school grades and replacing them with other, more fair and reliable, benchmarks.

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