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Pre-K Expansion

Small Investments. Big Results.


"Children who graduated from an early childhood education program did far better than peers of the same age who did not attend these programs. Among the benefits were higher educational attainment, lower rates of serious crime and incarceration, and lower rates of depression. A cost-benefit analysis showed that for every dollar spent on these programs, four to eleven dollars of economic benefits were seen over a child's lifetime."

-Arthur Reynolds, Professor, Institute of Child Development and Co-Director of the Human Capital Research Collaborative at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs and College of Education & Human Development

One of the major barriers to an equitable education is the lack of access to early childhood education programs.

There is obvious need that isn't being met. Our current program is insufficient to meet the dire need. I would like to expand our current Pre-K program, so all children get a headstart.

"Convincing evidence shows that children attending a diverse array of state and school district pre-k programs are more ready for school at the end of their pre-k year than children who do not attend pre-k. Improvements in academic areas such as literacy and numeracy are most common." 

- Brookings Institute

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