Safety in Schools


School should be a place of trust and community for our children. It should be a place where they feel sheltered and safe, not a place that protects abusers.

All children deserve a safe learning environment where they feel safe to come forward and be heard. As a survivor of childhood sexual assault myself, I understand how difficult and embarrassing it is to come forward when you've been assaulted. I also understand that when it happens, you need all the support you can get. When elected, I will have a zero tolerance policy for individuals that abuse their position by preying on children. 

Harmful, Unchecked Behavior Cannot Continue

Recent incidents in the New Hanover County School System have revealed a tragic history of unchecked, reckless behavior. This heinous abuse of power created a toxic culture of cover up that further allowed several bad actors to repeatedly commit these depraved actions against our children. As a result, many of the top administration have either resigned or been let go. The most recent school board has made moves towards a more open and transparent administration, and I would like to keep that momentum going.

Confidence, Accountability & Protection

Building on the boards most recent steps, such as the Ethix360 online reporting system and the installation of the new Title IX coordinator, we need to further implement a universally accessible and confidential system for the reporting of incidents that will protect our children. Additionally, students and parents should be able to report incidents and feel confident they will be protected, without fear of retaliation or retribution from the school system.  

Transparency, Open Communication, & Trust

Additionally, students and parents deserve a timely response to their reports to indicate that sufficient actions are being taken. The school system should make sure to have constant communication open, and in proven cases of abuse, the school system should provide additional counseling and support resources to victims, both current and former.